Terry Ward Tucker

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Moonlight and Mill Whistles

This is the poignant story of Tommy and Rhona, two adolescents in the early 1900's South who must prematurely put an end to childhood to help support their families.

Child labor is still legal in spite of a national move to outlaw it, and millions upon millions of children, some as young as seven and eight, labor in spiritnumbing menial jobs the same long hours as adults. Not until 1913 do the flrst laws banning child labor go on the books.

The boy in Tucker's story has stood before a loom in a cotton mill since he turned eleven. The girl is a beautiful gypsy princess who has told fortunes for money and food as long as she can remember.

Yet in spite of their hopeless circumstances, Tommy and Rhona manage to flnd sweet and funny moments to behave like the children they are.

Theirs is the story of the resilience of youth, and of young love blooming.

"A lovely and captivating story. A joy to read."

Winston Groom
Author of Forrest Gump

"Delightful...Terry Ward Tucker has applied words so powerful and intriguing - a joy from beginning to end. "

Chris K. Soentpiet
Author / Illustrator of many children's books, including Around Town

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